ECN7 MERICAASIA EXCLUSIVE TOUR East Coast 7 Days Deluxe Tour (Recommend)

  • "Buy 2 Get 2 Free"
  • Departure after 8:00am, Exclusive clock in the bird's nest Vessel (Eiffel Tower) and the Empire State Building;
  • Inside visit United Nations/New York Library, Grand Central Terminal, the Oculus, the U.S. Congress and 360-degree aerial view the U.S. capital, Hershey's Chocolate World to know the chocolate manufacturing process, “Millennium Falls” Watkins Glen ,National Scenic Spot Seneca Lake;
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Domestic passengers meet tour guide in the bag- gage claim area. International meet tour guide at the terminal exit. Airport free pick up time: 8:30am-12:00am, our guide will arragne closest time shuttle transfer to hotel.

  • JFK、LGA airport: Arrive before 9am, passengers may join Manhattan optional Day tour. Mini 4 PAX [Adult:$25/person, Child: $15/person]
  • (30 minutes) [Brooklyn Bridge Park]
  • (15 minutes) New York's most famous High Line Park,
  • (15 minutes) [Chelsea Market]
  • (10 minutes) [Washington Square Park]
  • Arrival time between 9:00am-17:00pm, passengers could have free time Flushing, free luggage storage service will be provided during your stay.We will arrange shuttle bus to the hotel depend on the number of people and the time of flight arrival.
  • EWR Airport: Guests arriving before 12:00pm can enjoy free time; or drop-off to hotel for rest after pick up (hotel check-in after 3:00pm).
    No flight: If you are arriving in New York ahead of departure date, you can go to one of the three major airports, or two meet up points as below:
    Flushing: New York Food Court (133-35 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing, NY 11354) before 5:00pm;
    Manhattan: Chinatown Mayi Office (77 Bowery, 2FL, New York, NY 10002) before 6:00pm.
Crowne (or Ramada) Plaza/Hilton/Sheraton/Courtyard by Marriott/Holiday Inn or similar

DAY 2 - New York City Full Day Tour

World finance (120mins)
Step into  [Wall Street], exterior view [Trinity Church], [New York Stock Exchange], and [Federal Reserve Bank]; take  photo with [George Washington Statue], [Wall Street Bronze Bull], enter into World Trade Center Station [Oculus], visit [Ground Zero] [Reflecting Void], exterior view [New World Trade Center Tower 1] / [Freedom Tower].

American spirit (60mins)
Take the [Cruise of Liberty] around the island to view the [The Statue of Liberty], [Skyline of Lower Manhattan], [Brooklyn Bridge], [Manhattan Bridge], [Williamsburg Bridge], [Alice Island], [Government Island], [USS Intrepid], [Cruise Terminal].

Landmark exploration (90mins)
Enter [Times Square] to experience the atmosphere of countdown each new year, take a photo in front of the [NASDAQ Stock Exchange] and [Broadway theatre]. Enter [Grand Central Terminal].

Authority Center(90mins)
Enter visit [United Nations] (If it is closed on weekends, [New York Library] instead. )

Enjoy dinner with New York steak meal at your own expense in New York's five administrative districts, the most populous gathering area [Brooklyn].

Crowne (or Ramada) Plaza/Hilton/Sheraton/Courtyard by Marriott/Holiday Inn or similar

DAY 3 - Philadelphia Washington D.C.

Ancient Capital Ruins (40mins)
Entering the [National Independence Park], exterior view [Independence Palace], the birthplace of the “Declaration of Independence”, the “United States Constitution”, and the“Bill of Rights”, exterior view the [Liberty Bell], which symbolizes American freedom.

Capital 360 (180mins)

Climbing to the highest building in Washington and entering the Congress, tour guide will give an  in-depth explanations of the [US Capitol], [National Library],  and [US Supreme Court]. 360-degree aerial view the Washington D.C., you can see FBI headquarters, CIA IRS and other office buildings. (If the Capitol Building and the National Library are close. Deep exterior view of the Capitol Building instead).

American Remark (90mins)
Exterior view [South Gate of the White House] South Lawn, enter [Lincoln Memorial Hall], cross [Korean War Memorial Square] and [Armistice Line], and take a photo in front of [Freedom is not free] monument. Dive deep into the [Vietnam War Memorial].

Overtime Activity:

Washington Night Tour (100mins)
(Adult: $35/person; Child (under 12years old): $25/person):

Stay at the [Thomas Jefferson Memorial] to get the main idea the Declaration of Independence, stay in the Rose Garden at the north gate of the White House, the south side of Capitol Hill, and walk to the National World War II Memorial.
Crowne (or Ramada) Plaza/Hilton/Sheraton/Courtyard by Marriott/Holiday Inn or similar

DAY 4 - Washington D.C. Full Day Tour

Full-day tour A or B: (Confirm with the tour guide on the day of the tour)

A: World’s Largest (360 minutes)

Free time all day, guests can choose to visit the six pavilions with the most tourists in the world: [National Air and Space Museum], the first aviation museum for tourists all over the world ranking; [Natural History Museum] has the world's largest blue diamond; [National Gallery], comparable to the Metropolitan Museum; [National History Museum], [National Archives], [National Museum of the American Indian]. There are 10 more, for a total of 16 Smithsonian Institution museums are free to visit.


B: Outlets (360 mins)

[Outlets National Pier] is a leisure, entertainment and shopping center in Washington, D.C. There are a lot of well-known direct-selling brand stores directly shops here. You can shop here all day long. There are also many good restaurants in the shopping center.


Overtime Activity:

US Military (120 mins)
(Adult: $35/person; Child (under 12years old): $25/person):

Tours of the exterior [the Pentagon] and the U.S. [Air Force Memorial], which are the best places to get a panoramic view of the Pentagon and the 9/11 memorial. The bus passes [Arlington National Cemetery]. Enter [Bureau of Engraving and Printing] to watch the whole process of printing U.S. dollars (*closed on weekends and limited in line in summer, if unable to enter, visit the shopping hall of the bureau of printing instead), and have the opportunity to buy the whole U.S. dollar.
Hilton/Holiday Inn/Wyndham/Four Points by Sheraton/Crowne Plaza/Courtyard by Marriott similar

DAY 5 - Chocolate factory-Corning Millennium Glen Seneca Lake Niagara Fall

Chocolate factory (90mins)

Enter [Hershey Town] to visit [Hershey's Chocolate World], then take the [Hershey's Chocolate Tour] to visit the whole process of chocolate production.


Corning Glass (60mins)
Enter the antique [Corning Town], visit the world's top 500 glass industry center [Corning Museum of Glass], and purchase all kinds of rare glass crafts.

Watkins Glen (45mins) (*Considering of the time/traffic/weather)
(* Because the canyons are all rocks and waterfalls, will be closed on rainy days and winters, and opened to the public from May to October every year. Besides that, due to the long distance to the Niagara Fall, the driver’s driving time is restricted by law every day. If the traffic jams and weather of the day are not allowed, for security reasons, the company reserves the right to change or cancel the attraction.)

Watkins Canyon is located in the Five Fingers Lakes area of New York State in the United States. This is one of the most concentrated areas of waterfalls in the U.S. It is regarded as stratified rock geology and is eroded by glaciers and streams to form a strange landscape. Considered one of the most amazing landscapes in the world. There are about 400 miles of water in the two-mile gorge. There are 19 waterfalls along its route. Here, you can overlook the canyon along the edge walk, you can hike through the hiking trails in the canyon, and you can enjoy the waterfalls up close. Tourists love this canyon so much and named it “Millennium Glen”.

Finger Lakes (25mins)
Finger Lakes are a group of 11 long, narrow, roughly north–south lakes in an area informally called the Finger Lakes region in Central New York. The name of the lake is Indian. The Indian legend says the Creator was resting with his hands while creating everything. But geologists explain that Finger Lake was formed due to the continuous erosion of the land by glaciers during the Ice Age. Seneca Lake is the largest glacier Finger Lake in New York State, and the deepest lake in the state. Due to the unique climate of Lake Seneca, there are more than 50 wineries here. Comparable to California's NAPA winery.

Overtime Activity:

Colorful waterfall (120mins)
(Adult: $35/person; Child (under 12years old): $25/person):

Deep into Niagara Falls State Park and see a wide range of exotic flowers; step on the observation platform of Terrapin Point of Goat Island, and Luna Island, touch the water in the nearest distance. Experience the colorful night view of the three major waterfalls [Horseshoe Falls], [Bridal Veil Falls], and [American Falls], as well as the magnificent nature.

Grand Buffalo/Radisson/Holiday Inn/Rochester Plaza or similar

DAY 6 - Niagara Fall-Boston-Harvard University

Touching Niagara Fall (Summer: Maid of Mist; Winter: IMAX Movie, 120minutes)
On viewing waterfall observation deck, you can overlook the spectacular Niagara Fall in the

Daytime. Put on raincoat, take the “Maid of Mist” cruise, through three big waterfalls, toward bravely Niagara Falls all the way, abundant river like energizes came to you, just in a hazy spray, you can feel the power and momentum of the waterfall. Out of the storm circle, it is like a boat returning from a previous adventure.(If Maid of Mist closed, substitute “IMAX movie legend”, which also can let you experience the Niagara Falls’ “thunder” and “lightning”, as if, as it were, but definitely not get “wet”.) . When back to the shore after the end falls, we come to the foot of the waterfall by following the tour guide. Along Niagara wooden walkway, climb halfway up the hill to the American Falls, closely feeling the splash of spectacular waterfall. Finally, we come to state park, where are many amusements and small shops in the summer, and sometimes a local flea market, selling local Indian artifacts.


World-famous University (60 minutes)
Firstly we go inside[Harvard] campus “Harvard yard”, standing on the doorstep of the [Harvard library] to take a “graduation picture”, touch the legend of the [Mr. Harvard statue] on the campus of the “gold” left foot that must pass test every time. Through [Harvard students’ dormitory] and [Harvard Principal’s Office Building]. Then we pass by [Massachusetts institute of technology]. Across Charles river where Harvard students rowing Dragon Boat Race every year, and you will see famous conservatory [Berklee College of Music] where a lot of stars/singers graduated from.


We will come to Boston Chinatown in the evening (60 minutes) to enjoy the local food, the very famous fresh Boston lobster dinner are highly recommended. (*Meal costs on your own).


Overtime Activity:

Boston Night Tour (60 minutes)

(Adult: $35/person; Child (under 12years old): $25/person):

Visiting the [Mother’s Cathedral] and the [Reflecting Pool]. then we will head to [Beacon Hill] and stand under the gas lamps on the street, as of the time goes back to the 18th century, [Massachusetts State House] under the lights is extremely bright. Stop at [Fan Pier Park], which is the best place to see the panoramic view of Boston. Next to the [Tea Boat], you can enjoy the great view of [Boston harbor].

Sheraton/Doubletree/Radisson/Courtyard by Marriott/Four Points by

Sheraton/Wyndham/Holiday Inn or similar

DAY 7 - Boston-Home/Yale university-New York/Home

World-famous building (45 minutes)
Stop at the shooting spot of the famous movie “National Treasure” -[BostonTrinity Church], a Richardson Romanesque architecture. And with the nearby [John Hancock Tower] designed by the famous Chinese American architect I. M. Pei, becomes the ‘building within building’ on [Copley Square].

The Freedom Trail(60 minutes)

Tour guide brings you a deep tour of walking to [Boston Freedom Trail], which takes you to Boston Park, Park Street Church, Barnyard Cemetery, the Golden State Capitol, the old State Capitol, the old city Council Farnell Hall, and the site of the Boston Massacre.

The Revolutionary Cradle (60 minutes)

Arriving at the source of the American revolution – [Terminal of Boston Tea Party], and the nearby [Quincy Market], has food stalls from all over the country for you to choose. We highly recommend New England clam chowder and lobster rolls as Boston specialty.


Exclusive offer free attraction: Yale university (60 minutes) (*New York Return only)

We will visit [Yale University] as the "Mother of American Colleges". Most of its graduates are the founders of the most famous universities in the United States. Besides it, the number of yales working as American business leaders is far higher than the other universities. We entered Yale from the front gate of Yale, [Phelps arch], and take a picture with the American national hero “Nathan Hale”, the first U.S. central intelligence officer; Yale's lucky President “Theodore Dwight Woolsey” who is as famous as Harvard's ‘golden’ left foot and a statue of “Abraham Pierson”, the first President of Yale.

Overtime Activity:
New York Night tour (180 mins) (*Return from New York only)

(Adult: $35/person; Child (under 12years old): $25/person):
[Brooklyn Bridge Park] → [Rockefeller Center] → [Times Square]

* Note:

Yale University Tour is only for customer who ended tour in New York, therefore, it is strongly recommended guests choose New York to leave the tour. New York in and out, the air ticket is cheaper. (If the school has examination, will be the tour guide take you visit the campus public area.)

* Please book flight departs from Boston Logan airport after 12:00PM; proceed to New York Airport, please book flight departs from JFK/LGA airport after 19:00PM, EWR airport after 20:00, or leave tour at Flushing/Manhattan as well.

Excludes -

  • *  Upgrade seats: 10/person/day, first four rows of the bus
    2. 【Admission Fee】: Pay to the tour guide after the first day; It covers the hotel fee, bus transportation costs, attraction tickets/entry tickets, and Permit permits and parking fees, taxes and other miscellaneous fees.)




    Baby Occupy Seat





Price Excluded:
1. All meals and drinks during the trip are not included in tour price. (Tour guide is only responsible for the arrangement. About breakfast: generally, tour guide will arrange you to have breakfast near the first scenic spot or inform you to prepare the next day's breakfast 1 day in advance.);

2. Mandatory service fees for tour guide and driver (minimum $12.00 per day per passenger; children and infants are charged as adults)

3. Overtime activity (New York, D.C., Niagara Falls and Boston all have night tour, the fees are paid as overtime working fee for the driver and tour guide. Adults $35 per person, children $25 per person. Guests can choose 100% freely.)

4. Any private expenses, such as hotel room laundry, telephone bills, or fines for smoking, etc.

Participation Notes:

1. The 3rd or 4th free visitors are required to notify us more than 3 days earlier if they want to cancel the trip. No-show on the departure date will be charged a fine with $260.

2. Theadmission fee is used to pay for hotels, transportation and attraction tickets. We need to prepaid the hotels before check-in, otherwise the hotel will not be able to provide rooms.

3. Itinerary will be subject to traffic and weather. The sequence of the attractions might be changed according to actual and practical situation for better service.

4. The activity time and distance of the tour group are different due to actual conditions, and the company has the final interpretation right.

5. If the weather condition, war, general strikes and other unforeseen circumstances interrupt the journey, the company reserve the right to rearrange the itinerary without refunding the tour fee. 

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