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Ancient Silk Road Tour 11 Days Beijing-Urumqi-Turpan-Dunhuang-Jiayuguan-Shanghai

  • Visit:Xinjiang Museum, Hongshan Park, Tianchi(Heavenly Lake), Turpan, Karez Well, Gaochang, Jiaohe, Flaming Mountain, Mogao Grottoes, Crescent Moon Spring, Mingsha, Jiayguan, Lumia Cap Workshop, Wuquan Mountain Park, Terra Cotta Warriors,  Wild-Goose Pagoda, Dynasty Bell Tower, Cheng Huang Temple
  • Special Program:  Xi'an: Tang Dynasty Dance Show, Urumqi: Uygur Performance
  • Includes: Transpacific Air Tickets and Domestic Air within China; 5 Star Hotel ; Three Meals Daily; Admission Fees and Chinese/English Blingual Tour Guide.



Day 1-2 :U.S.A. - BEIJING, CHINA
Depart West Coast today Aboard a Spacious jet for your Transpacific Journey and Cross the International Dateline.

Arrive in the Chinese Capital Beijing. Beijing Capital International Airport【Terminal 3】, is the largest airport terminal building in the world, building magnificent large, modern fashion. Indoor settings are the most comprehensive services and facilities, allowing you to marvel Beijing's rapid development. Travel agent representative meet you there, then ride to the urban area, check in the hotel. If you have enough time, You Can Choose to Participate More Exciting Tourism Projects at your own Expenses.

Hotel : Grand Metro Park Hotel or similar 5*
This Morning, Fly to Urumqi, the Capital of Xinjiang Autonomous Region. Urumqi is the Farthest city from the Ocean, and the Important City Along the Ancient Silk Road, the Exchange Center of East-West Economic and Cultural, Showing the Multi-Cultural Characteristics. Urumqi is Characterized by open, warm, Expansive, and Endeavor, is the most Vibrant City in Central Asia. Upon arrival, Visit the【Xinjiang Museum】to Understand the History of Minorities, Customs and Arts. Visit local native shops. Taste the unique flavor of Xinjiang【Roast Mutton】.

Hotel : Urumqi Miramar Hotel or similar 5*
After Breakfast, Drive to【Tianshan Mountain】Scenic Spots, Facing the all-year-round snow-covered berg, which has more than 400 million years of history. Followed by a boat trip on【Tianchi Lake】. Lake water is very clear, seem likes crystal, surrounded by mountains, green grass and wild flowers blossom, Known as the "Pearl of the Tianshan". In distance, the peak of Tianshan  covered by the white snow, silver shining, and Tianchi lake exist side by side, form a graceful and attractive natural landscape. Then Ride to the world's vineyards【Turpan】 (1.5 hours), it is a beautiful pearl of the ancient Silk Road, with many beautiful scenery. As is a Typical Temperate Continental Climate, Dry Climate and Little Rain, Strong Solar Radiation, Very Hot in Summer, so Turpan also be Called "Fire Island".

Hotel : Green Land Hotel or the best local
After Breakfast, Visit【Karez】. It is a Special Irrigation Method in the Gobi  Desert, which has more than 200 years of History. In the Desert Area, it can be seen lots of sand Mound, shaped like a small volcanic cone, orderly stretch to oasis, these are the Wellhead of the Karez. People who visited the Karez, without exception, wonder and praise for its clever design concept. Karez is the crystallization of the wisdom of our people. Then tour【Gaochang Ancient City Ruins】, which has more than 1500 years of history. Towering castle, interlacing streets, City Wall largely intact preserved, has the great value of visit. Then tour 【Flaming Mountain】, Here is the hottest parts of the country. Although its Surface looks like Grassless, but many valleys in the sun Shade, Streams Flowing inside, here also is called the "Town of flowers and fruits" in this Fire Island. And the famous【Grape Valley】 just here. Visit and Purchase Jade or Carpet. In the Evening, Take the Soft Sleeper Night Train to Dunhuang.

Hotel : Over night : Soft Sleeper Train
This Morning Arrived in Dunhuang, Which is a Famous Historical and Cultural City, Known as "Desert Oasis." Visit【Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes】with more than 1600 years-of-history. It has the largest dimensionsand, most comprehensive classical culture, is the art treasure-house, and one of the four famous grottoes in China, also the best-preserved Buddhist art treasures in the world. Then visit the【Mingsha Mountain】, which lift from the Sand Sea, rise to the sky. Peacetime, there often is the thunderous voice of horn took place from the mountain, intermittent and sometimes loud and sometimes low. So named as “Sand Tweet Mountain”. In the arms among the Mingsha Mountain, there is the【Crescent Moon Spring】, because of its shape resembles a crescent moon. Dang River  is the source of this spring, and the river water continues to filling in it. Although the spring is surrounded by the yellow sand, but never Dry up within Millennium, Surprising the Visitors. Visit the Blanket Shops.

Hotel : Dunhuang Mountain Villa or the best local
After Breakfast, Take the Bus to Visit【Jiayuguan Pass】. Jiayuguan was the important pass which must go through along the ancient Silk Road, and also the crossroads of cultures from East and West. It has more than 600 years of history, is the starting point of the Great Wall in the western section. Jiayuguan is the most spectacular, and most well-preserved of ancient military castle along the Ming Dynasty Great Wall, known as the  "First Pass in China". Jiayuguan has 66 pass City, both can get the  offensive and defensive, constitute a tight military defense systems, also known as the "best military pass in the world". Then visit luminous wine glasses shop. After lunch, Fly to Xi'an. Xi'an is one of China's Seven Ancient Capitals, also the World-Class Historical City, The Starting Point of Famous "Silk Road". Here Experience the Splendid Monuments of Civilization.

Hotel : Grand Mercure Hotel or similar 5*
Day 9 :XI'AN (B/L/D)
After Breakfast, Visit the "Eighth Wonder of the World" 【Terracotta Warriors】, Which Regarded as the largest underground military museum in the world. The layout of figurines pit is rational, terracotta warriors and horses arranged in the pit, list in all kinds of battle array. Overall style is simple and in shape. A total of nearly ten thousand ceramic guard, armed with weapons. And total of nearly 8000 ceramic horse, wooden chariots and bronze weapons without number. All these Terracotta are rich in artistic charm. These ten thousands of ceramic military masterpieces reached an unexpected artistic effect. Only such a static military front makes people feel a huge and unprecedented charm. Then visit and purchase the clay terracotta imitation as gift for friends and Relatives. Taste characteristics Pasta Dinner of【dumplings】. Enjoy Performances【Tang Dynasty Dance Show】.

Hotel : Grand Mercure Hotel or similar 5*
Day 10 :XI'AN - SHANGHAI (B/L/D)
After Breakfast, Visit【Big Wild Goose Pagoda】, Which was Built in the Tang Dynasty, After over a thousand years, Still Strong and Majestic. Tower Body is Square Pyramidal, Modeling Simple, imposing, is rare in Chinese Buddhist Masterpiece of Architecture, Seen as a Symbol of Xi'an. Then tour【Bell Tower】, which is the largest and best preserved one of Chinese ancient bell towers legacy. Construction shows the typical architectural style of the Ming Dynasty, double eaves and brackets, gorgeous and solemnity. Climb the tower, catch sight of perspective of Xi'an, enjoy the views of the magnificent city. Then fly to Shanghai. Enjoy shopping along【Nanjing Road】, formerly known as "ten-mile foreign field". Here is shopping paradise and always been known as the First Chinese commercial Street. Along the street, there are lots of Chinese ancient shops and fashionable shopping mall, Chinese and foreign cultures collide in this street, it is so harmonious. Then enjoy a stroll along the【Bund】. Here Standing Dozens of Various Western Style Buildings, known as the "Thousands Style Building Expo Group". Tasting Shanghai【Flavor Snacks】.

Hotel : Gran Mercure Baolong Hotel or similar 5*
Day 11 :SHANGHAI - U.S.A. (B)
After Breakfast, Visit the Antique【Chenghuang Temple】, Where was the Former Shopping Street in old time. Until today, it’s Still a very Prosperous Commercial District. Besides the Taoism Temple with strong incense, this area surround by multifarious shops, and visitors without number. Here can experience the traditional culture of Shanghai. Visit the new【Pudong Area】. Today, Shanghai’s economic booms, already as an international metropolis: the【Oriental Pearl Tower】,【Jinmao Tower】,【World Financial Center】, Skyscrapers Everywhere, Highways Extend in all directions. When Tour Completed, Transfer to the International Airport, Fly to Return Home, Ending your Pleasant Trip of China.

Excludes / Remarks:

※ Tax and fuel surcharge.
※ Early departure or late return, add class difference.
※ Other gateways or stopover other countries, please call for details.
※ Child under 12 who shares room with two adults, will be charged 80% of adult price
※ Driver & tour guide’s tips at $8 per day per person.

 Departure : Sat.

Land Only (Incl China Domestic Tkts)

CSR-11D $2599up + tax +$550 $2249

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